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A Visit to MD Laser SkinCare

lobbyYour initial consultation is a free no obligation visit. A detailed medical and dermatological history is recorded. Dr. Bajwa and our Aestheticians will review your history and perform a detailed dermatological evaluation. Each procedure option is discussed in detail and recommendations are based on your skin type and condition. All possible side effects are also covered.

Safety remains our top priority and we may postpone your procedure if there is a medical condition which may cause problems with laser therapy. Recent tanning is another common reason for postponing treatment. Our clients appreciate this safety first philosophy.

At MD Laser SkinCare we strive to make each procedure as comfortable as possible. Dr. Bajwa may use numbing creams and medications in addition to Cryo cooling for optimum comfort. All procedures are done under direct supervision of Dr. Bajwa.

Prescriptions for medications, if needed, are provided at no extra cost.

Top quality medical grade cosmetic skincare products are available in our clinic.

Most of the procedures do not require downtime and you can resume your work and active lifestyle immediately. However, we strongly recommend the use of a quality sunblock. Please discuss the use of sunblock with our experienced staff as different skin types and lifestyles may require different agents.